mentor list for LGBTQIA+ and ‘beyond the rainbow’ trainees

Rainbow flag.Trans flag.Leather flag.Bi flag.Asexual flag.Intersex flag. Genderqueer flag. Poly flag.Bear flag.
(I’m aware that I’ve missed some, and that some are more contentious than others, but I wanted to put up a selection of flags to visually display some of the areas covered)

This mentor list is being co-ordinated by me, for Pink Therapy. If you have any questions, please email me: Please see this page for more information

If you are an LGBTQIA+/poly/kinky/other gender and sexual minority therapist and would be prepared to be a mentor for similarly identifying trainees, please email me with the details below. Your details go into a password-protected spreadsheet on my personal computer, and I’ll aim to match your offer of help to the needs of the trainee concerned.


The way it will work is that I will pass the information of the trainee to the therapist/supervisor, and ask the supervisor to make first contact. Once contact is made, it will be up to you both to negotiate what your mentorship will look like. Please click the links below to fill in the relevant forms that are then emailed to me. Once you’re added it may be some time before you hear from me, but I will be matching you with people relevant to you when they sign up


Therapist/senior trainee/supervisor


Looking for/providing supervision (only. If you you are also looking for/offering to be a mentor, please fill in either of the forms above)


Email me if you have any questions

One thought on “mentor list for LGBTQIA+ and ‘beyond the rainbow’ trainees

  1. […] we launched the mentor list two weeks ago, the response from counsellors volunteering their services has been phenomenal. We […]

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