I’m a mid-30s woman living in the Midlands with her partner and cats. In my day I do a job that pays the bills and by night I’m a trainee person-centred therapist. I’m mid-way through a 4-year MSc (part-time) and enjoying if not quite ‘every’ then ‘most’ minute of it.

I really like that I’ve met some fabulous people both ‘online’ and in ‘real life’.

I love this approach. First and foremost I was drawn to it specifically because it didn’t allow me to be ‘expert’ over my clients, but the more I read the more in-depth the theory gets and the more astonished I am that something that LOOKS so simple is so so complex.

I’ll probably never stop learning. I have a house full of books and I’ll probably never have enough hours to get through them, but that hasn’t stopped me trying so far.

I have a twitter account: @LynneJ_P and also run a website with resources including placement details, for trainees

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