I know I am late with a post. It’s written. It’s waiting to be polished and posted. It’s a look back in review of my last year.
Right now I’m going through a tough time with some family stuff and my energy for things outside of what I have to do is – nil. As a family, we are waiting. As a person, I’m finding it hard to deal. ‘Happy new year’ are words I don’t need, and they are words I have learnt a lesson from, and won’t be saying in future. It is ok if your year is middling to good, but if your upcoming year looks like a horrendous year of pain, it is not, in any way, happy, and in saying to someone, you force them into the gritted teeth of a lie, or of forcing a truth that perhaps they aren’t ready to deal with yet.
I hope that the edge wears off me at some point this week and that I can post this week’s blog next week. I also have a guest post to come, so that might happen instead.

One thought on “Placeholder

  1. bbbr says:


    Am really sorry to see things are so difficult for you just now and know there’s not much I can say other than “you’re in my thoughts”, but you are and am hoping you have all that you need to get through whatever is going on that looks so tough.


    [long time since we`ve been around here, sorry but we`re on twitter again if you ever want to catch up there @ A_bit_mental ]

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