Spotlight on: person-centred onlineness



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English: see for more information. Italiano: visita questo gruppo su facebook per maggiori informazioni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month’s spotlight is on internet person-centred-related things that I know of.


Firstly, there’s twitter. Lots of person-centered people on there. Too many to put, but feel free to comment with your twitter handle and I’ll add you here. You’re welcome to add me: @traineemusings


Then there are some facebook groups – some of these are counselling (inc person-centered) and some just/mostly PC: the trainee group I run. Specifically for person-centered trainees – a group for any trainee counsellors PC counselling and focusing Group for the association of PC counsellors (I don’t think you have to be a member to join, although I am) Counselling and psychotherapy networking (anyone) Pink therapy – anyone


There will be more groups that I’m not aware of. Please feel free to link any that I haven’t put up!


Email lists:!forum/pca-students Person-centered students!forum/coventrypcgroup Group for person-centered counsellors around Coventry Encounter group – a smaller group for PC people, based on the face-to-face encounter situations.

There’s a pc-international list also, but I can’t find the web link to it. I will update when I get it.

Other resources will follow as and when, but please feel free to comment with any links you have! 🙂


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