Spotlight on: person-centred groups

Not everyone can get to a big conference. I understand that. They’re too far, too expensive, too time-consuming, too big etc. All good reasons not to be able to get to one. They might also not be to one’s taste, which is an equally valid reason not to go! But for people who still want something of the person-centred experience, and potentially more locally, it might be worth considering a person-centred group. There are probably some that aren’t affiliated by BAPCA, but I don’t know of any, however, from what I can tell, BAPCA have no organisational involvement in the groups.


Here’s the list of groups, but there are groups in locations from Kent to Cornwall to Yorkshire. Some groups (Brighton BAPCA  in particular spring to mind) organise well-known speakers and hold fairly high-profile events, others are more along the lines of what you might expect in an encounter situation. I help to run one in Coventry, and the details can be found here. Our group is new – we’ve met once, but it went very well and we hope that it will grown from here. In particular, Pete Sanders has offered to come talk in the new year and we plan on taking him up on that.


Smaller person-centred groups can be a great way of becoming part of a community, especially for trainees, and people who work in private practice and who don’t see other counsellors much. It’s a great way to meet up with new people and talk about things that are important to us as person-centred counsellors.


Sorry that this was a week late!

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