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To change my wild river?... Never!!! / Changer...

To change my wild river?… Never!!! / Changer ma rivière sauvage? … Jamais!!! (Photo credit: Denis Collette…!!!)


Developing the person-centred approach – at least locally!

A couple of things came out of the ADPCA conference for me, but the over-riding feeling was that I wanted more community. I had previously gone to the most local group to me but it’s a way away, and I haven’t made it back. But I decided that what I really wanted, was more of that. So I hope that two things will be happening:


I am creating, together with someone else, a Coventry-based person-centred group. It will run on the second Sunday of the Month and is open to anyone interested in the person-centred approach. It will cost £5 and that will cover room hire and tea/coffee donations, with anything extra going right back in to the group (either to look at paying for other CPD for the group, or in the form of a lending library or similar). Claire and I are trying to run this on person-centred lines and so we don’t want to make a great many decisions for the group without the group. We will run from 10-12.30, but the room will be open from 9.30 for anyone who wants to come beforehand and have a drink with us. If you’re interested, please feel free to comment here and I’ll get back to you 🙂



I hope, in the near future, to hold a national day of encounter. I have an accessible venue (also in Coventry) that I can hire for the day, and the idea will be that there are no workshops, no facilitators, but a day of encountering. At the ADPCA conference I realised that this is what i like most about the approach and this is what I keep looking for, hence the development of the small local group. I like the large group atmosphere also, so would like to recreate this more often than once every two years.  I don’t have all of those details sorted yet – I have in my head ideas of outlays, and I think that I can make it viable, but it will be a definite learning process as I go along. I’m also aware that I’m just a trainee. I’m learning. I haven’t got there yet. I have more reading I’d like to do before I fully commit myself and decide on a date/pay for a room, but in all honesty, I’m 90% decided. I just need to learn a little bit more. There will be 2-3 months’ notice on this, and if it works out, I’d love to do it quarterly – if people will come. I have in mind that there will be two prices charged. One for working people, and half prices for unworking/trainees, with a limited number of free places for people who can’t afford to pay. IF enough people come at full or half price to give me money left over, then I will be able to offer some travel costs too – whether the ‘price’ for that will be asking people to be official volunteers or not, I don’t know, but what is really important to me is that people don’t stay away because they can’t afford it.

If people book far enough in advance it’s possible for example, to get a return train from London for £13.50 and in an ideal world, I’d be able to cover that. I recognise that that’s not the only cost that people have in getting to these events, but this is a start.

As part of the national event, I’d also like to stream one of those meetings. Whether it’s done as a section – we stream a morning but not the afternoon (and not the first meeting!), or whether as a group we decide that we will build up some community first and stream a full day of the third (choosing a random number) meeting, I don’t know.


What do you think? Would you come? What would need to happen for you to be interested?

5 thoughts on “Encountering encounter

  1. […] Developing the person-centred approach – at least locally! A couple of things came out of the ADPCA conference for me, but the over-riding feeling was that I wanted more community. I had pre…  […]

  2. I would definitely try to attend the encounter and pay the full rate. I would also do what I can to help promote it – at least to the lists you’re not subscribed to. I’d try to plan the encounter to fit in with BAPCA’s Person-Centred Quarterly publication cycle so you get at least one issue’s worth of free publicity to help boost numbers. I think if you write an article and promote the first event in the context of that it would be treated as copy and not advertising. Also on the subject of PCQ, you’ll be aware of the local groups pages – worth listing the Coventry group there too (and I guess eventually it will make its way onto the listing on the BAPCA website). It would probably be worth letting the organisers of other groups within striking distance know about it – even (especially?) where those groups are dormant, run down or recently defunct.

    Great to hear your plans and energy and enthusiasm for promoting the approach and building the community. Will do what I can to support anyone doing that.

  3. Phil Denton says:

    I am very interested in the EG in Coventry (1). I have been looking for something similar for awhile. And its not too far to travel.

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