A correction to the PCQ article


The drawing dates to 1760, when the Sade was n...

The drawing dates to 1760, when the Sade was nearly 20 years old. It’s the only known authentic portrait of the Marquis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I wrote a piece (linked here) for Person-Centred Quarterly (the magazine for BAPCA). I was very excited because it was my first ‘proper’ article. Ok, so it was for a practitioner magazine and with a fairly small readership, but it was my first one.

PCQ and BAPCA in general, is trying to make itself more diversity-aware and as a result of that is trying to include articles about more diverse ways of being. When one of the people in charge asked for articles, I thought I might expand on some of the things I’ve written here, and in my letter to therapy today on BDSM. So I did, and ran through a couple of minor amendments, and it went off to print.

When the magazine arrived and I was reading through, I noticed that my (correct) acronym explanation for BDSM had been amended to be incorrect, without any consultation from me. So, if you are on this page because you’ve read my PCQ article, the correct acronym explanation for BDSM is Bondage, Domination, Submission/Sadism, Masochism, not Bondage, Domination, Submission/Sado[-]masochism. If you already knew this and are wondering why I wrote incorrect information, I didn’t. It was amended without my knowledge.

When I contacted the editor and asked what happened, it seems that he thought I had the acronym wrong, and so he changed it. It was only on my explanation that he realised that ‘sadism’ and ‘masochism’ existed as a separate construct to ‘sadomasochism’, and unfortunately, it was too late then. He told me that if anyone wrote in to complain, that he would ‘own up’ and issue a correction, and I responded asking him to consider MY email such a complaint – after all, it is a researched piece of work about a little-known part of the population (for most therapists, anyway), and as such is intended to educate. Only now it is mis-educating. He has agreed to issue the correction for August, which I am pleased about.

I decided to put it here in my blog, because my blog is my voice, and because otherwise people won’t see the correction until August-September, which either gives three months of knowing ‘I’ got it wrong, or NOT knowing ‘I’ got it wrong. Hopefully some people who will/have read the article will come read this. 🙂



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