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Memberships(and what you get)

As a trainee, you probably have to join some kind of association (trainees lucky enough to get a placement with a BACP organisational membership may not have to, which might save you some pounds. But for those who do: The two main ones are UKCP and BACP. You won’t need me to tell you that. Whilst anyone in training can join BACP as a student/trainee, unless you’re on a UKCP course, you can’t join UKCP except as an ‘affiliate’ member. Aside from those two, there are a number of other groups that might be useful to join/be aware of ūüôā Starting with the two ‘recommended’ ones:

  • UKCP:¬†Trainee membership costs you ¬£67¬†annually(student membership, which you can only have until you see clients is ¬£37), and for that you can get cheap insurance (from ¬£10 a year). You also get a regular magazine: The PSychotherapist, with a cross-modal focus (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything directly ‘person-centred’-related in it, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
  • BACP: Student membership is ¬£74 and is designed to be the same whether you are seeing clients or not. For that, you receive a regular magazine: Therapy Today¬†– parts of which you can view free online. You also get free electronic access to their research journal: Counselling and Psychotherapy Research¬†(link goes to the free copy). You also get discounted entry to the various events that they organise.
  • ADPCA: Association for the development of the person-centred approach are a person-centred organisation. Their student membership is $15/¬£10, and their standard membership is $30/¬£20. For that you get their Person-centred journal once a year, and their newsletter. You also get discounted rates to the bi-annual conference, which is often in USA
  • BAPCA¬†British association for the person-centred approach are a UK person-centred organisation. Student membership is ¬£45/year, although it doesn’t say it on the main page – it does when you click through. For that you get a regular BAPCA newsletter, and a paper copy of PCEP¬†journal (link goes to free copy). If you want electronic access, you can pay an extra ¬£17/year to upgrade to it. You also get discounted rates for the bi-annual conference, often held in the Midlands (UK).
  • WAPCEPC¬† World association for person centered and experiential psychotherapy and counseling are (as the name says) an international membership organisation. Student membership is 30 euros/¬£25, or if you are a BAPCA member, 20 euros/¬£16.50. For this you get electronic access to PCEP, a newsletter 3x a year and a 50 euro/¬£41 reduction on the PCE conference price. The conference is held at various international locations bi-annually on opposite years to the BAPCA conference.
  • ACC¬†Association of christian counsellors are a multi-modal group (not just person-centred). Student membership is ¬£35. For this you get a magazine four times a year
  • BAATN¬†Black and Asian therapists’ network are also multi-modal. Student membership is ¬£20 and for this you get a newsletter (and the chance to advertise in it if you wish) and access to student support groups. There is also a member’s area online and an annual conference, that you will get a 10% reduction on.
  • PCSR¬†Psychotherapists and counsellors for social responsibility is for anyone (therapist or not) who has an interest in politics or social responsibility. Student rate is ¬£30/year and for this you get online access to the journal Psychotherapy and politics international¬†and also the association’s own in-house magazine. You can however, join the website¬†and take part in online conversations for free.
  • Pink Therapy¬†is a FREE organisation that is the largest independent organisation working with sexual and gender diversity clients. They have a regular newsletter¬†and a facebook group. As well as this, they put on an annual conference with a general theme of gender, sexual or relationship diversity (2014 conference was Trans*, 2013 was lesbian) with discounts available to students.

Are there any I’ve missed?

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