Settling in


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I’m a few client hours in to this counselling thing now, and I’m finding that I have a regular amount of people who just stop coming shortly after starting, but what I am starting to notice is that with me ‘core’ clients (anyone I’ve seen for more than 5 hours or so), there is a ‘getting comfortable’ kind of feeling around them. I was beginning to think this wasn’t for me – all these beginnings (that I’m bad at), but when I sit down with my clients and I hear the things they’ve done and the movement they’ve made, it’s really.. nice. It’s an honour to be part of that, and as well, I just feel good, that my clients have made movement, and that in part it’s probably because of the work we’re doing together.


It’s also nice to see the changes they make in the things they tell me. I see that I am trusted. My clients are telling me things they wouldn’t tell other people, in the same way that i tell my counsellor things I haven’t yet told other people.


I’m proud to be part of that path, and really happy that I seem to be creating the kind of atmosphere that is helping my clients to do this.

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