Keeping up the impetus



I don’t know about you, but there are times between training weekends when it can be REALLY hard to be motivated. I feel like I have every book in the world (not true…) and too many things to do at once – I am paralysed by indecision.

It can be really hard to pick up a book when there are so many other books to read, that I’ve decided to take different tacks.

Firstly, there’s facebook. There are several groups of interest on there, with varying degrees of lively and interesting conversation. There’s my facebook student group, there’s the counselling and psychotherapy student lounge, and person-centred psychotherapy and focusing to name but three. I’ve had some incredibly interesting and theoretical conversations on there – it’s not *just* a time-wasting exercise – all you sceptics out there…

There are also journals. much easier – each paper is generally less than a chapter and there is a definite sense of having achieved something. Google scholar is a good place to start. If you have an institutional membership, try clicking ‘more’ and then locateit (or other universities might have different names) if there’s no link. Quite often a university will have the access to the paper under that link -it’s just not immediately apparent.

There’s also online events, which is an amazing resource. It’s free for students to register, and then you get access to all their videos, which include interviews and presentations from some of the biggest names in today’s person-centred world.

Finally for me, for now, there’s twitter. I did a search for person-centred, and then went out from there. I’m on there – why not add me?

If you have any other resources that you use, please add them in the comments!

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