assignments over christmas (or ‘the sheer volume of time this degree takes’)

never-ending writing


Over christmas, I shall be writing my first process report. This is because we have discovered (to our dismay) that our course weekend dates and our assignment hand-in dates don’t always match up. It became apparent to us on our last uni weekend that our assignment (based on recordings we hadn’t yet done) was due – delivered by post or by person – 3.5 weeks after the weekend, which is not a lot of time. When we mentioned this to our tutors, they kindly moved our hand-in date to January 8th. So we are working over christmas. It’s not such a bad thing – most people on my course work at least part-time, so having a block of time off is helpful in many ways.

But I think few people really realise just how much time is necessary for this course – I certainly didn’t, so here’s my breakdown.

It is suggested that in order to hit the amount of client hours needed every year (120 minimum, 150 preferred) you should have 4 clients a week.

If you work full-time like me, that’s two evenings, because it’s hard work to see a client, make notes from that session and then move on to the next client a few minutes later, without finishing really late. I can do three in an evening, but not four.

We also have to have personal therapy once a week, which essentially takes up an evening.

Aside from this, the course rules are supervision at a rate of 1:4, so if I’m seeing 4 clients a week I’m having one hour of supervision a week. unfortunately for me, not on my therapy night (my therapist and supervisor live in the same town) so that’s four nights a week.

Somewhere in there I have to write my assignments, see my friends and most of all, my partner. My partner and I try and have one night a week just to ourselves, and I try and get work etc done on one of the other days.

To be honest, i had NO IDEA how much time this course would take. In my head I was sure I’d have one night for clients, and that I’d then fit supervision and therapy in to the other night, leaving me 5 nights free. I had my head in the clouds! Any thoughts of joining a choir, or continuing my sign language classes (or any other hobbies) have gone out of the window and will either need to wait until I graduate, or get a better-paying job (that would enable me to work less hours for the same money).

It will be worth it, I’m sure. Until then, I’ll be in the corner writing this process report!

For those of you who ‘do’ christmas, I hope that it is/was a happy one – or at least bearable. For those of you who don’t, I hope that the christmas all around you hasn’t been too bothersome.












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