When tough weekends are tough

Many Stairs.

Many Stairs.

When you start training, they do warn you that it will change you, but you think to yourself ‘oh, it will all be fine’ and I’m sure it will be. But on a course like mine, which is weekend-based, those weekends can be pretty intense and this weekend past was one of those. I couldn’t even tell you what happened really- a group of people that I know a little bit, trust a little bit more, met in a room for 7 hours on 4 days and, well, talked.

We talked about ourselves, and about our worlds. We learnt that our world view was not the other’s world view. We learnt to be angry, we learnt to cry in the presence of others. Of course- when I say ‘we’, I refer to myself. I can only make inferences about many of those things for my colleagues, but I know I did all of those things this weekend. I call this ‘growth’, and the reason I call it growth is because once upon a time it would have been impossible to tell you this happened- that emotions occurred, that I *gasp* cried, and proper messy tears, where tissues should have been deployed (but were not, although they were offered, because I seem to cry like a child), in front of actual people.

It’s probably not going to have been a seismic change, but it is a start and perhaps it will lead to more growth.

They tell you ‘this will change your life’, but what they should tell you is ‘this is really hard. It’s probably going to be worth it though’

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