Finding of clients

So my service was now up and running. What next?

I created flyers to put on noticeboards, and my charity sent out email drops, as well as advertising in-house and via Facebook.

I bought a cheap ‘pay as you go’ phone, and set up an email address and.. waited.

Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait long. Less than a week after starting the service I had 3 phone calls and 3 emails from separate people all enquiring about the service.

Some of them decided that the service was not for them, but some of them did, and they made appointments for the following week. Cue a hasty booking of a ‘before I start doing therapy’ session with my supervisor, who had already been very helpful with much in the way of practical and emotional support. I shall call my supervisor ‘Fred’ and shall make my supervisor male 🙂

Fred was able to sit down with me and calm those last-minute fears: ‘what if I’m not good enough?’ ‘What if they ask me how many clients I’ve seen and I have to say ‘oh- just you.. Maybe?” pointing out that in fact, although they might be my first ‘paying’ client, I have done many hours of ‘practice’ work so far and I am not going in ‘blind’, as it were.

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