Getting (or ‘the setting up of my own’) placement

I was lucky enough to get to set up my own placement with a charity I’ve long wanted to volunteer for.

It hasn’t been without tribulation. First, I needed to approach the charity and offer my services as a trainee. Luckily for me, they were pleased to be able to think about expanding into the counselling arena, although they were at first worried that I would ask to go full-time and they don’t have the room (quite literally) for that.

After we were agreed that this was a mutually beneficial idea, I had to complete various forms from my institution, convincing them that this would be a safe and fruitful idea. Once that was set in motion I then had to find an appropriately qualified supervisor who was willing to take on a trainee on her first placement, of her own making.

Thanks to some hard work on my part and possibly mysterious stars aligning, some five months after first approaching the charity I was finally able to start seeing clients.

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